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Neurofeedback-Restoring the Balance

Our mutual purpose ist to work together and empower YOU to initiate YOUR own healing (balancing) Process. First of all, the therapist’s responsibility is to provide support and guidance by means of specific interventions and to prepare the client for the time when the support is no longer needed.

The quality of communication is important for the outcome of the intervention. It is the breeding ground for the future strength of those who want to add value to their lives.

The Appearance is only the Frame, YOU are the Core!

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” (Heraclitus).

It is difficult to control the Time, but we’ll help you control the direction of change!


Neurofeedback, NeurOptimal®

NeurOptimal® offer a new, modern way to assess the brain activity and to restore the resilience and flexibility of the central nervous system. It is very popular to go to the Gym, but only a few are trying to improve their brain activity or personal behaviour. As a constantly changeable and very complex system, the brain has endless connections and can process and storage huge amounts of information, even when we sleep.

The NeurOptimal® system is a dance or training partner for your brain and can adapt 256 times/second to the changes in the cortical activity!

This system is gentle, painless, non-invasive (puts or takes nothing into your brain) and his mission is to reduce suffering through restoring the balance within the Central Nervous System.

The use of this training will increase the level of your general well-being and it has proved effective in the therapy of anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders, panic disorder, learning disability, amnesia, dementia, skin rash, autism, ADHD, burn out and so on.

There is no diagnosis required.

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Integrative Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming

Psychotherapy requires the building of trust in the working alliance with your therapist and this takes time. As soon as we’ll feel trust, you’ll experience the opening of new perspectives about yourself, your thoughts, your actions, feelings or behaviour. I offer an initial online session of 30 Minutes on Zoom or Duo free of charge and after that we’ll have few days time to decide if we’ll continue.

I’m authorized to offer therapy online as well, if desired.

Usually, we start the sessions, either in person, in my private practice in Vienna, or online, where each session is one hour long. If you feel you’d like to start therapy, please contact me again! Feel free to address any questions you might have over email or phone!

As clinician I conduct psychological tests, interpret the results and elaborate intervention plans and strategies for individuals, couples or organizations.

“The concept that the map is not the territory is one of the ideas that laid the
foundations of Neurolinguistic Programming. It means that your
understanding of the world is based on how you represent it – your map – and
not on the world itself.”
Tony Robbins

Please notice, I don’t prescribe any medication!

Neuro Feedback Vienna

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The first step is always the hardest!


It means, you have already realized the problem, you feel it or you know it and you don’t want to approach it alone – and this is a difficult process. If we didn’t meet before, please contact me first by phone and after that we’ll meet in my office, where we can talk about strategies, informed consent, intake and payment.


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You can pay cash or with your card in the office prior to the session, or with bank transfer in advance.

Psychotherapy, individual

  • First Session (about 90 minutes) = 199€
  • 50 minutes = 99€
  • 10 sessions = 899€

NeurOptimal® Brain Training, individual

  • First Session (about 90 minutes) = 199€
  • 10 Sessions = 899€

Neurolinguistic Programming

  • 50 minutes = 99€
  • 10 Session Package = 899€

Psychotherapy, couples and families

  • First Session (about 90 minutes) = 199€
  • 50 Minutes = 199€
  • 10 Session Package = 1890€

NeurOptimal® Brain Training, Families and Students

  • 50 Minutes = 69€/Person

NeurOptimal® Brain Training, Home visit

  • 50 Minutes = 129€

Hiking as therapy (discovering nature and yourself), Talk and Walk, Nature or Forest Therapy

  • mixed groups (adults, children, families, individuals)
  • in the Lainzer Tiergarten, by appointment, regardless of the weather.
  • meeting point: Lainzertor, under the Yin-Yang Flag.

Of course, there are also individual design options for the sessions and for pricing (payment in installments, vouchers).

Neuro Feedback Vienna

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Cancellation, delay, absence

The client may cancel a prepaid session up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Sessions not attended by the client without giving 24-hours prior notice to the therapist or trainer shall be charged at full rate or rescheduled (if due to unpredictable events). If the therapist or trainer cancels a session for any reason and at any time prior to the start of the session, the session will be rescheduled or a full refund given.

Please notice: There will be no session without appointment!

About us


Alexa Nicoleta

I am Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist, working in Vienna, Austria and Brașov, Romania. I assess and treat cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders and help my clients discover and use their strenghts.

I`m not giving you a fish, but I`ll teach you fishing!


I am Forest Engineer (MSc), NLP Trainer, Work and Organisational Psychologist and NeurOptimal® Trainer.

The relations among environment, individuals and the healing power of the nature are the main issues of my activity.

Most of these interactions are energetical (informational) and they can heal or harm us.

My focus is the healing power of the nature, the natural energy and YOUR capability to use them.

Adrian Scurtu

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